Thermoform Tooling

Talbot Technologies offers thermoforming customers a number of options for tool fabrication, which include wooden tooling for prototyping, and aluminium production tooling which is either machined, cast, or ( cast and CNC machine finished). All tool design and machining is completed in house by Talbot Technologies in house tool design team and tool room. Talbots tool design team work with the customer to achieve the best tool fabrication fit for the project, considerations include part design, project timeline and budget.

All thermoforming tools are validated prior to serial production, and a comprehensive maintenance program is designed and put in place for each tool. Talbot Technologies tool designers specialise in designing speciality tooling for twin sheet forming,  pressure forming, complex vacuum forming the company specialises in thermoforming tools for materials such as Polycarbonates, High impact acrylics, PPO, Kydex and multi layered co extruded materials.

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