Single Sheet Pressure Forming

Talbot Technologies manufacture both single and twin sheet pressure formed components. With the pressure assisted plastic forming process, in addition to using vacuum to form the part, a pressure box is applied to the outside thermoplastic sheet surface to enable air pressure assist into the back side of the sheet. The increased forming pressure makes it possible to achieve high levels of component detail, crisp definition, logos and even textured finishes during the plastic moulding.

Pressure formed plastic fabrication can achieve component cosmetic finishes that are comparable to those achieved with injection moulding. Pressure assisted forming provides high levels of dimensional stability and finishing on the outside of the part and can also assist with processing sheet where the forming window is at the upper end of the material processing limits. Pressure forming enables the thermoplastic sheet to be pulled tightly into corners and complex undercuts can be achieved. Pressure forming allows for the manufacture of large low volume parts where capital cost to injection mould the parts is potentially prohibitive. 
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