Injection Moulding

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Injection Moulding technology encompasses a group of plastic moulding processes where by molten plastic is injected under pressure into a custom designed injection mould tool. In addition to conventional single shot horizontal  injection moulding  Talbot Technologies is proud to offer a range of specialist injection moulding technologies including:
  • Vertical Moulding
  • Insert Moulding
  • Co-Moulding
  • In Mould Decoration
  • Cinpress Gas Assisted injection Moulding
Each of these specialist injection moulding processes provide the opportunity to add additional value and or decorative features to an injection moulded component during the moulding cycle without the need for additional post moulding assembly or finishing processes.
  • Co-Moulding allows for economical and repeatable production of seals, soft touch and impact protection features.
  • In mould decoration allows complex graphics to be applied to a part within the moulding cycle, eliminating the need for application of complex decals or paint finishes post moulding.
  • Insert moulding, or over moulding allows for metallic or plastic components to be encapsulated into a plastic part, examples of inserts include: magnets, pins, shafts and fastening features.
The injection moulding processes offered by Talbot Technologies are suitable for parts of small to medium size; with Talbot’s moulding capability ranging from 30 tonne through to 450 tonne, with access to larger machines through affiliate moulders also available.  Injection moulded plastic components can be moulded in a range of commodity, engineering grade and decorative moulding materials. Talbot Technologies works closely with plastic suppliers locally and internationally to maintain knowledge of the vast array of materials available for plastic injection moulding including specialist engineering grade materials, and decorative materials.
Injection moulding is a suitable manufacturing method for components of medium to high volume production, at medium to high volumes part prices are economical and the tooling costs can be economically amortized across the production run. Injection Moulding processes have the advantage of being able to achieve intricate and complex geometry which is beyond the capability of other plastic fabrication processes, as well as the added value and part count reduction achieved  through specialist processes including co-moulding, insert moulding and in mould decoration. Injection mould tooling is a significant investment; Talbot Technologies has a comprehensive in house tool design service working closely with the in house tool room which provide a seamless transition from product concept, design for manufacture and into volume production.
Talbot Technologies also offers an integrated assembly service for injection moulded parts providing post mould finishing for mouldings including: gluing, electroplating and component assembly. 


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