Twin Sheet Pressure Forming

Twin sheet pressure forming involves two sheets being clamped and heated simultaneously, to form highly structural engineering solutions. Typically these parts are hollow in design and rely on various areas of the two sheets to come into contact with each other and be structurally welded together. 

The addition of pressure forming into the process produces parts with high dimensional stability on both sides of the part, greater part rigidity can be achieved with common material grades, different colour sheets can be used for the inside and outside of the parts, as well as utilising both recycled and virgin materials. Structurally the pressure assisted twin sheet plastic fabrication process allows for the economical production of parts with a hollow structure, reducing both part count and total assembly weight. Applications include ducting systems, water tight applications, clear hollow parts, cabinet doors and panels, structural mouldings, parts to be filled with foam for insulation, or an inner skin to carry moulded in place threaded inserts.
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