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Thermoforming technology encompasses a group of plastic forming processes where by plastic sheet is heated and formed over either a male or female mould tool. Talbot Technologies offers a range of thermoforming technologies including:
  • Single sheet vacuum forming
  • Single sheet pressure forming
  • Twin sheet pressure forming
Within each of these processes there is also the opportunity to provide value added decorative and functional features by combining component inserts into the forming or adding graphics to the part through distortional print thermoforming.

The thermoforming processes offered by Talbot Technologies are suitable for parts of small to large dimensions. Thermoformed plastic mouldings can be formed in a range of commodity and engineering grade moulding materials. Talbot Technologies works closely with plastic suppliers locally and internationally to maintain knowledge of the vast array of plastic sheet materials now available for plastic moulding including specialist engineering grade materials, decorative materials and multi-layer sheet construction.

The nature of the thermoforming process means that moulded part stresses are typically low, and thicker wall sections can be achieved, ensuring strong, high quality plastic mouldings. Other advantages of thermoforming include comparability low tooling capital cost compared to other plastic fabrication processes, speed to market and the ability to create hollow part structures with the twin sheet forming processes. Thermoform moulded plastic parts are a practical and economical solution to replace fibreglass and sheet metal components.

Talbot Technologies also offers a full post form trimming service for part finishing. Typically parts are trimmed via high speed 5 axis CNC routering. Talbot Technologies can router parts up to 5700mm in length.

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