World Class Plastic Injection Moulder, Thermoformer and Tool/Die Maker

The Team at Talbot Technologies work with customers during the early development stages of a project to refine the part design and design for manufacture, providing technical advice on polymer selection, tooling design and manufacture, right through to ensuring quality products are consistently produced to a high standard and meeting customer specifications. Talbot Technologies is proudly certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management standard and is a UL recognised plastic fabricator.
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Injection Moulding

Talbot Technologies offers conventional horizontal and vertical injection molding as well as range of specialist injection molding technologies.

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Talbot Technologies offers a range of thermoforming technologies including: Single sheet vacuum forming, Single sheet pressure forming and Twin sheet pressure forming

Plastic moulding Tool Making Home

Tool Making

Talbot Technologies’ team of experienced tool designers design tools to ensure part design is optimized for both moulding and the customer’s product application.

Plastic moulding Integrated Assembly

Integrated Assembly

Talbot Technologies has a team dedicated to delivering integrated assembly solutions to customers across a range of industries.


About Us

Talbot Technologies is the outcome of an amalgamation of world class technical injection moulder Talbot Plastics (Established 1972), with innovative leader in technical thermoforming Airform International (Established 1995). The result is an integrated technical plastics manufacturer and solution provider that works as a design, development and production partner across a wide range of industries, for f2companies across the globe.telarc



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Plastic NZ Industry Design Awards

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